Something's gotta give: Florida player gets ejected on horrible targeting call

Florida's Jordan Sherit was called for targeting late in the game against Vanderbilt.

It seems each and every week we see more and more questionable targeting calls. The Florida Gators are all too familiar with this. Last week, Florida true freshman running back Jordan Cronkrite was called for targeting in the second half against Georgia on a block that appeared to be all just shoulders. The call, per usual was reviewed by the refs, and confirmed, so Cronkrite was ejected and suspended for the first half of this week's game against Vanderbilt.

This week, the Gators fell victim to another horrible targeting call. Late in the final minute of the game against Florida, Vanderbilt had the ball deep in their own territory, trailing 9-7. Vandy quarterback Johnny McCrary was sacked by Florida's Jordan Sherit on second down — it appeared to be a clean, helmet-to-chest tackle, but the refs called targeting.

The call was reviewed and upheld, and Sherit was ejected from the contest. As a rule, he will be suspended for the first half against South Carolina next week. Given that there have been so many bad calls like this so far this season, these refs have to do something about getting some uniformity with these targeting calls.