Florida ranked as most successful college football and basketball programs, and it's not even close

In the past 20 years, the Gators have been the most successful school in the two most dominant amateur sports: college football and college basketball, according to a list compiled by CBS Sports. Out of all of the schools that qualified to be ranked, Florida was the clear runaway winner.

The four categories used to rank college basketball programs were:  total win percentage, regular-season titles, NCAA Tournament appearances and Final Four appearances. For football the categories were: total win percentage, regular-season titles,  total bowl games and national championship-game appearances.

The University of Florida was the only school to qualify in each category for both sports. The Gators nine regular-season conference titles, have reached 19 bowl games, been in four national championships and won 74 percent of their games since 1995.

The next three schools on the list were: Wisconsin, Oklahoma and Louisville. Texas and Michigan State were the next two schools.

When you look past football and basketball, Florida has 16 national championships in other sports since 1995. It's clear that Florida is not only the best in football and basketball, but they are also the best when you look at sports programs as a whole.

If you want to read how each school stacks up, check out the full list here.