FSU school president John Thrasher trolled Florida pretty good with this quote

This just goes to show you that the Florida-Florida State rivalry lasts 365 days a year.

For anyone familiar with the rivalry between Florida and Florida State, they know that the bad blood between these two schools last 365 days a year. This was confirmed on Friday, after this quote from Florida State president John Thrasher. Thrasher addressed the media after the school received a $100 million gift from the Moran Foundation to create a School of Entrepreneurship. The president was asked if he would call the University of Florida's president, Kent W. Fuchs, to brag about the generous gift. Thrasher responded with a great quote that rubs in Florida State's 27-2 victory over Florida last month.

This definitely is up there with Thrasher's quote in response to presidential candidate Marco Rubio's claim that Florida State is the school where kids who can't get into Florida go. Thrasher fired back at Rubio by saying perhaps his low polling numbers reflected that he got his education from the University of Florida.

College football rivalries are just the best aren't they?