Get an inside look at what Will Muschamp's office looks like

Will Muschamp has faced adversity all of his life. He's also learned how to deal with it.

Muschamp isn't a man of excuses. You just have to do the work and do the best job you can.

This was his message for his team after a bad first half:


Muschamp keeps one main item in his office that reminds him of the adversity he's faced. A 17-inch steel rod that was once in his leg hangs above his head in his office.

The Gators coach's football dreams were almost over before they started due to a horrific injury he suffered in a high school baseball game. But, Muschamp eventually walked-on at Georgia and earned himself the role of defensive team captain as a senior.

He's always been a man who has had to work for everything he's gotten. Now, he's on the road to bringing back a storied program who went 4-8 last season.

To get an inside look into his office and watch the feature story above.