Instant Analysis: Florida State holds off Florida, goes undefeated in regular season

Jameis Winston had one of the worst games of his career against the Florida Gators on Saturday. Four total interceptions and highly inaccurate all game. But Florida couldn't capitalize on all of Winston's mistakes. The Gators had over 100 penalty yards, which forced them out of easy scoring opportunities multiple times. But with the game on the line and on a fourth down it was FSU gifting Florida another opportunity on a very questionable defensive pass interference. However, Florida could not capitalize on the gift. Demarcus Robinson dropped a fourth down pass from Treon Harris that could've been caught. FSU wins its 28th straight game.

Notable stat: Florida State became the first team to throw four INTs and win the game (1-20).

The final: Florida 19, No. 3 Florida State 24

The big play(s): FSU LB Terrance Smith's 94-yard INT TD in the first quarter really shifted the momentum of the game because Florida had a first and goal already up 9-0.

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Florida WR Demarcus Robinson dropped a fourth down pass from Treon Harris in the fourth quarter that ended Florida's chance for a comeback.

The stars: FSU RB Dalvin Cook: 21 carries, 141 yards, 28 receiving yards; Nick O'Leary: 4 catches, 52 yards, 2 TDs; Florida WR Demarcus Robinson: 4 catches, 71 yards; Brian Poole: 2 interceptions

Questions: Florida State continues to just hold off bad teams. If the Noles get into the playoffs, will they be able to play this close against good teams?

The Quote: Jimbo Fisher: "We've got a lot of room to improve. We keep finding ways to win."

Next up: Florida bowl game TBA; Florida State faces Georgia Tech in the ACC Championship.