Jeremy Foley comments on Will Muschamp's future

Countless Florida fans have asked for the Gators to fire Will Muschamp because of the loss at Alabama and his 4-8 season last year, but the person that would do the firing is athletic director Jeremy Foley.

Foley has said all along that Will Muschamp is his coach and it's not changing right now. On the Open Mike Show on 740-AM in Orlando (via ESPN), Foley dispelled any rumors that he was going to fire Muschamp during the season.

"You never judge or evaluate a program based on one game or one season," Foley said on the Open Mike Show on 740-AM in Orlando (via ESPN)."That's just not how we do things here. We're going to evaluate where we're headed - where the players are, how is recruiting going, what type of staff we have - (and) are we better?

"That's going to be plain for all of us to see, but it's also going to be played out over the course of 11 games and we'll see where we are when we get to the end of the season."

I think it's the right move as of now. Florida is still in the hunt for the SEC East. Teams can improve throughout the year. So before we continue with the "Fire Muschamp" talk, let's focus on this current season and worry about winning games.

The Gators are off this week. They will back up on Oct. 4 when they travel to Tennessee.