Jim McElwain says Florida is going to “beat the heck out of Michigan”

Coach sounds pretty confident..

Florida and Michigan are meeting up in Dallas at Cowboys Stadium for the first week of the college football season. There's a ton of hype for that game and the weekend in general as there are actually a few great games. However, this one promises to be the most intriguing as neither team has decided on a starting quarterback and there hasn't been any real trash talk, until now.

While at a student pep rally the day before classes started, Florida coach Jim McElwain got the fans riled up and said that not only is Florida going to win the game, but do so in convincing fashion. The student season tickets were sold out so he was thanking the students for that and then took it to another level.

"I love the energy, can't wait to see you," McElwain said. "And you know what, we're heading to Dallas here in a couple weeks to go beat the heck out of Michigan and then come back to you guys."

Whoa. The Gators are going to "beat the heck out of Michigan" now? I know the defense is supposed to be good, but it is missing a few great pieces from last season's dominant team. However, Michigan might have had even more losses as it's now the most inexperienced Power 5 team going by returning starters. The Wolverines are currently a four-point favorite over the Gators, but games aren't played on paper of course.

[h/t Saturday Down South]