2 Oct 1999: Head coach Steve Spurrier of the Florida Gators looks on from the sidelines during a game against the Alabama Crimson Tide at Florida Field in Gainsville, Florida. The Crimson Tide defeated the Gators 41-40.

Steve Spurrier makes shocking admission about one of Florida's hated rivals

Are we living in a parallel universe now?

GridIronNow.com spoke with new Florida ambassador and former coach Steve Spurrier and got some startling quotes out of him. Spurrier was well known for his quick-witted quips in regards to tearing down opponents. The target of his insults was usually hated rival Florida State.

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On the podcast (which you can listen to below), the Head Ball Coach said he occasionally roots for FSU. Here's the exact quote:

"FSU plays fair," Spurrier said. "Jimbo Fisher and his guys, I have absolutely zero problem with them. I actually, maybe, pull for them occasionally."

One of Spurrier's best quotes came after the shoplifting scandal at FSU where some players just left a shop with some shoes (among other items) and never paid for them. "You know what FSU stands for, don't you? Free Shoes University."

And he took a subtle jab at them again when asked about how he's been able to coach for so long.  "People ask, 'Why are you still coaching?' I forgot to get fired and I'm not going to cheat."

But to know that Spurrier actually roots for FSU might break the hearts of many Florida and Spurrier fans. This has to be some sort of trick, right?


[h/t 247Sports]