Forget taking a knee. SEC QB is pure class when he honors his country for all to see


Colin Kaepernick received a ton of attention during the 2016 NFL season for refusing to stand during the national anthem to protest what he calls poor treatment of minorities; and then noting that he wasn't going to vote, either.

But there are some that have taken the opposite the opposite stance, and proudly showed what America and it's freedoms mean to them.

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Tennessee quarterback Josh Dobbs is the latest to stand proud.


Following the Senior Bowl, Dobbs stuck around and signed autographs for and took  pictures with members of the military who attended the game.

Dobbs went 12-of-15 for 104 yards and an interception for the South team, which held on to beat the North 16-15.

Dobbs performance after the game is the one that really stands out.