Former BCS poll will infuriate fans with this SEC-heavy Top 10

Wait, what?

Objective fact: The SEC has dominated the past decade of college football, taking eight of the last 10 national championships.

But does the SEC have five of the current Top 10 teams in college football? Well.... that one isn't exactly a fact.

It is the opinion of at least one former BCS computer poll, though, as the Sagarin Ratings have been updated to include the pre-Sunday games from Week 6. Alabama isn't the No. 1 team in those ratings (Ohio State is), but fear not SEC fans: five teams from the SEC make up the Top 10 of computer poll.

1. Ohio State
2. Alabama
3. Michigan
4. Clemson
5. Washington
6. Louisville
7. Texas A&M
8. Ole Miss
9. LSU
10. Auburn

Yes, the SEC has some great teams, but half of the Top 10? Ole Miss, LSU, and Auburn all in the Top 10? Sagarin usually has one of the better ratings out there, but this seems a little absurd, even by SEC standards.