4-star CB Micah Abernathy's father: "I think Butch Jones has an insider advantage."

Greater Atlanta Christian School cornerback Micah Abernathy is a physical, hard-hitting cornerback who also has incredible quickness. Abernathy has been clocked running the 40-yard dash at 4.4 seconds.

Micah's highlight tape:

Abernathy is a shut-down corner, who was recently named a prestigious Under Armour All-American game participant. Abernathy is deciding between Tennessee and Georgia as his school of choice. The corner was quick to thank others for all of the success he's had.

"I'm humbled and honored," Abernathy said. "I have to thank my family, friends and ESPN for the opportunity."

His father, Dr. Ralph David Abernathy III, had nothing but praise and love for his son.

"Aside from talent, he's been raised right," the eldest Abernathy said. "He brings integrity to whatever program he goes to. He plays the game the right way."

This is a Christian family who values strong relationships. Ralph David Abernathy Sr., the father of Dr. Ralph David Abernathy III, was a leader of the Civil Rights Movement and close friend of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. After King was assassinated, Abernathy took up the Southern Leadership Christian Conference Poor People's Campaign.

Micah's oldest brother, Ralph David Abernathy IV, is currently a senior running back for the University of Cincinnati. That's an important fact because his coach for his first two years at Cincinnati was current Tennessee coach Butch Jones.

"Butch Jones recruited Ralph David, Micah's oldest brother, who is the starting running back at the University of Cincinnati," Dr. Abernathy III said. "We've had two years of Butch with Ralph David and him starting as a true freshman under Butch's leadership."

"You definitely have to take that into consideration," Micah Abernathy said. "I know the coaches off the field as fathers and husbands and I know they're great guys. That definitely plays into Tennessee's favor."


The Greater Atlanta Christian School cornerback is a playmaker, who will make an easy transition to the college game.

Micah's other option for school, Georgia, is a program led by a Christian family man — Mark Richt.

Richt was named as the coach other FBS coaches would want their child to play for. Dr. Abernathy III and Micah both think very highly of the Bulldogs coach.

"I like Mark's Paul Oliver Network to insure his athletes have a career after they play at Georgia or finish their professional career. He cares about the kids. I like him a lot. He's good people," Dr. Abernathy III said."

"He's reasonable. And he's a very well-balanced guy. He can lay down the hammer for discipline. He's a Christian. He's a great coach," Micah said.

But still, Micah has not made a decision on where he wants to play college football. He's still weighing his options. On 247 Sports, 60 percent of the writers have predicted Micah to choose Tennessee, while the other 40 percent have him going to Georgia. His dad says no matter what school is son chooses, he can't go wrong.

"I think all things being equal, either one is no bad decision. It's an ongoing process, but it's been a blessing," Micah's dad said.

"I don't have a decision made right now. Everybody is even. I don't pay attention to (the percentages)."

Interviewing Micah you can tell how incredibly smart he is. He cares about football, but also building relationships and his studies.

"I'm not only an athlete, but I have brains. I definitely have brains," Micah said.

Whichever school wins Micah's talents, they're getting a great football player who will also excel off the field and be a great role model for other student-athletes.