54-year old Herschel Walker still looking for another MMA bout

Herschel Walker is still a man-beast!

Herschel Walker is a multi-sport freak and he's played more than just football, even though he was quite exceptional in that regard. He holds several Georgia records still and has even taken up other sports after he rushed for 12 years in the NFL.

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He says that he used to do Taekwondo while he was still playing football too.

"Something people don't know, when I was in college I'd play on Saturdays, go to church Sunday morning and then fought in Taekwondo tournaments Sunday afternoon," Walker said. "I've been doing Taekwondo for 40 years.

Walker said in an interview with Fox 2 in St. Louis that he intends to fight in MMA again. He has participated in two professional MMA fights and is seeking a third. He won the first two by technical knockout and he's still in unbelievable shape at the ripe age of 54. See what I mean?

While it may not be good for him to take these punches at his age, he says he's thankful he isn't playing football anymore because those hits are worse.

"A lot of people think [MMA] is violent," he said. "I think football is more. MMA is under control."

How's that for some perspective on the football and concussion issue? If a legend like Walker says MMA isn't as dangerous as football, then there might be some issues with the pigskin sport.


[h/t Fox Sports]