Amarius Mims
Screenshot from X

Amarius Mims Goes Viral For High School Video

Georgia Bulldogs offensive tackle Amarius Mims is entering the 2024 NFL Draft, and old clips of him in high school are resurfacing — and the size difference between him and his teammates is hysterical.

Mims played for the Bulldogs the last two seasons and, at 21, is only a few years removed from high school.

He's now heading into the NFL Draft, listed at 6-feet-7 and 330 pounds. Based on the clip above, he doesn't look much shorter than that, if at all. Meanwhile, everyone else is "regularly" sized.

As expected, users on X had a field day with this clip.

"seeing NFL Draft prospects in high school never gets old," said Hayden Winks of Underdog Fantasy.

"How does he block any of those guys when they are all at crotch height??" another user wrote. "Also, I hope he declares as an eligible receiver on the goal line because you can just lob him the ball for a TD every single time."

"Imagine you just finished Algebra 2 and then you have to play against Mims for 4 quarters," another user wrote.

"One of his coaches said there was a game where the defense specifically had a DL cut Mims the entire game. Go low, take his legs out each time. Took out their guy but better to wash 1 for 1 than let Mims take out two of their players," a user said, referencing something a coach for Mims' high school team supposedly said.

"This reminds me of my freshman year when they told me they wanted me to show this 8th grader Mike Adams around the weight room and stuff, this mf came in and was like 6'5 I was like dawg this a grown ass man he need to be showin me wtf," one user said, reminiscing on their own football experience.

NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah posted a mock draft recently that had Mims landing with the Baltimore Ravens at No. 30 overall.

The 2024 NFL Draft begins on April 25.

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