Former Bulldog saves Christmas presents from burning in neighbor's home

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Being a father helped saved the Christmas for Jevaris Johnson's neighbor's kids. Johnson and another neighbor broke down their neighbor's door when they found out the homeowners were not home, saving Christmas presents from burning in the house.

"Both of us were like, well, let's just start grabbing stuff for the kids.  So, you know, at least that doesn't get ruined in the fire," shared Johnson, via Fox Atlanta.  "I was just thinking about the kids. "Thinking my God, this is such a tragedy.  Let's try and at least give them something out of, you know, this horrific type of event."

Because of Johnson and the neighbor's effort, they saved around 15 presents for the children.

"I have three boys at home.  I have a daughter and I mean, I just kind [of], I felt so horrible and helpless that, you know, that's [the] least I could do," Johnson said.

Johnson played for Georgia from 1996-2000.

(h/t My Fox Atlanta)