Thanks to a ticket broker, Jeff Cook who runs the site AllSports, hundreds of Georgia fans are without tickets they paid for ahead of the highly-anticipated Notre Dame game in South Bend, Indiana.

“He kind of oversold our allotment. Myself and a couple other hundred Dog fans specifically got letters in the mail or got notified that he oversold his allotment and weren’t getting tickets,” Seth Welch said, via 11alive.

“The late notice was really the worst part. I haven’t heard from the guy,” Welch said. “Word on the street is the Notre Dame fans that promised him tickets saw the Georgia fans were paying premiums for tickets and kind of held out,  gave him his money back, and decided to sell them on their own on the market for higher dollar amount.”

Fans in Putnam County, Georgia, reached out to the Sheriff, Howard Sills, who went to his house last Friday after the first set of complaints started rolling in, per a separate report. Sills said Cook was actively mailing 300 tickets to customers at that point, but he’s closely monitoring his business and if he has stolen fans’ money by not giving them their tickets, he will “throw his ass in jail.”

Sills is expected to follow up on the complaints after Saturday’s game.

Georgia and Notre Dame kick off Saturday night in Indiana at 7:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

Furious Georgia fans suddenly without tickets to Notre Dame game Scott Cunningham/Getty Images
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