Kirby Smart slows the Jacob Eason hype train

Georgia QB situation still uncertain

Georgia fans seem to have settled on Jacob Eason as their starting quarterback. But the one opinion that matters the most—-that of head coach Kirby Smart—-is pumping the brakes on that notion.

Smart seemed to indicate after Saturday's scrimmage that a clearer picture would emerge after the coaching staff evaluated the film. After practice Wednesday, that still hadn't happened.

"[It's] not really any clearer," Smart told DawgNation. "We're going to eventually narrow it down to two. We haven't done that yet. We don't have a timeline for doing it. And evaluate them day by day."

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Eason has been taking a lot of snaps with the first team, but Smart said that was primarily done to get him up to speed with senior Greyson Lambert and junior Brice Ramsey. T

ime is obviously running thin with the opener against North Carolina now just a little over a week away. But as coaches typically do when there's a tight QB battle, Smart is maintaining a tight-lipped stance.

"We'll continue to work on it until we figure out. It's going to hopefully rear itself out in the next couple days," Smart said. "But nobody's jumped out right now."

The possibility that the Georgia coaching staff is being deliberately coy here is a good one. If Eason will, in fact, be under center Sept. 3, he'll be a mystery for the Tar Heel defense, as there would be little to no tape to gameplan with.

If the QB picture is still as murky at this point as we're being led to believe, well, that could be much worse.