Kirby Smart under fire after Georgia suffers big upset

Vandy wins!

Kirby Smart definitely will have a lot to learn as a head coach, and today shows exactly why.

Trailing 17-16 to Vanderbilt, Georgia needed to convert a 4th-and-1 with a minute left in order to keep their drive alive. In an awkward look, Georgia came out in an I-formation with Isaiah McKenzie as the deep back. Vanderbilt took a timeout, and then Georgia came back out in the exact same formation.

Result: the play didn't work.

How far has Georgia's run game fallen that they can't give the ball to Nick Chubb on a critical 4th-and-1? The Bulldogs only ran for 75 yards in this game, which is shocking considering the talent they have in the backfield.

And in credit to Vanderilt, linebacker Zach Cunningham made an absolutely fantastic tackle to keep McKenzie from getting the first down. That tackle was one of Cunningham's 19 tackles on the day.

To be fair to Kirby Smart, Mark Richt did lose to Vanderbilt twice in his tenure as the Georgia head coach. It's definitely not the end of the world, but this isn't the start that Georgia fans wanted after they jumped to No. 9 in the AP Poll earlier in the season.,

Georgia suffers the loss to Vandy despite out-gaining the Commodores 421-171. Vanderbilt head coach Derek Mason gets his first SEC win on the road.