SEC analyst loses his mind hyping UGA's Eason, compares him to sports "royalty"

Come on now.

University of Georgia's Jacob Eason had a dazzling Spring Game, showing precision on his first drive and completing a touchdown throw on his second.

For SEC Network's Booger McFarland, the analyst was falling all over himself over Eason.

First, he called him the best passer in the SEC. Then, McFarland said watching Eason play reminded him of seeing LeBron James for the first time.

I can't even start with how utterly ridiculous this is.

Eason is a fine quarterback, a solid athlete and no where near the physical specimen that James was when we first saw him — and that includes high school.

The freshman quarterback might go on to be one of the greats at UGA, but comparing him to LeBron is about as ludicrous as it gets.