Furious Georgia fans lose their minds after national championship game collapse OhioIsOnFire/YouTube

The Georgia Bulldogs fell short against the Alabama Crimson Tide on Monday night. It is a real shame too, as it appeared as though Kirby Smart and company had a stranglehold of the game when the two teams went to the half.

Alas, despite a 13-0 lead, the Crimson Tide were simply too much for the Bulldogs to handle.

This, naturally, led to all sorts of fan reactions being filmed by people who apparently don’t care if it paints their loved ones in an awful light.

Let’s start off easy. Our first video isn’t of a reaction. Really, it is about the aftermath of the reaction.

This guy seems unhappy.

Hopefully this guy owns the place. If he rents, he’s not getting the security deposit back.

How about a little more fluid, compilation styled reaction video?

Sports happen to be fun. Taking too much of your identity from sports is a wee-bit troublesome. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with taking your frustrations out on inanimate objects, I guess?

At least Alabama fans had a good time.

Joseph has been covering college basketball for nearly a decade. He's also the co-host of the Off The Wall podcast. Marty Jannetty is better than HBK.
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