WR Reggie Davis still sick to his stomach after dropping this pass

There were more than a few key plays from the Georgia-Tennessee game but none may have been more crushing to the Bulldogs than Reggie Davis' dropped touchdown pass late in the fourth quarter, other than Chubb's awful looking knee injury of course.

With four minutes to go in a seven point game Reggie Davis, already with 83 receiving yards and two touchdowns in the game, slipped through the coverage and had himself a wide-open 56-yard touchdown to tie the Vols, but couldn't bring it in.

Despite a big game that included a 70-yard punt return TD and a 48-yard TD reception, Davis "[doesn't] even care about what happened earlier in the game," he told AJC's Tim Tucker.

"When you get that type of chance to make a play, you've got to make those. That's the difference between good and great right there," he added.

With three catches for 101 yards, there's no doubt that this was a breakout game for the junior wide receiver regardless of the unfortunate drop.

"Playing football, you really beg for plays like that, and it was handed to me," Davis said. "And I really let the team down with that one. If I didn't make another play for the rest of the season, I wish I had made that one. I'm just running and just knew I had it. And as soon as it came down, I took my eye off of it at the last second."

Chubb's injury will put pressure on every single player for the Bulldogs so Davis needs to have a short-term memory about this mistake because they will need him to perform from here on out