How Kenny Hill's debut stacks up against the last 10 Heisman winning QBs

Kenny Hill's debut performance against South Carolina has been the talk of the college football world this week. Hill's 511 yards and three touchdowns caught the attention of everyone and put the SEC on notice that the Aggies will once again have one of the top QBs in the nation.

Through all the hype, head coach Kevin Sumlin has insisted that Hill has handled the attention and hype very well. It's hard not to get excited about Hill's performance, especially considering the hostile environment and how poised he looked commanding the Aggie offense.

This graphic from shows how Hill's debut stacks up against the last 10 Heisman winning quarterbacks' first starts in terms of total yards gained passing and rushing.

heisman qbs


Hill's 516 yards is 135 more than the next best, Jameis Winston's 381 yards against Pitt last year.

Looking deeper, Hill's 44 completions is 19 better than the next highest — also Winston with 25 against Pitt — and his 73.3% completion percentage is 5th behind Winston (92.2%), Bradford (91.3%), Tebow (76.5%), and Manziel (76.5%).

Hill's performance on Thursday certainly puts him in elite company, and it's scary to think that Coach Sumlin thinks he can continue to get better and improve. If he does that, he could be the latest to join this list of Heisman winning QBs.