Jalen Hurts block downfield seals touchdown run

Jalen Hurts is doing it all for Alabama. The true freshman had a heck of a game against Tennessee in Alabama's 49-10 win accounting for three touchdowns and 132 yards rushing against the Vols. Hurts also threw for 143 yards and kept Alabama drives going with key plays using both his legs and his arm.

The one play that might best describe Hurts' attitude toward winning and towards team didn't involve running or throwing the ball, it involved blocking downfield. Alabama's first score of the game came on a run by ArDarius Stewart, a TD that was secured by some good downfield blocking by Bama's receivers and by Jalen Hurts.

Not every quarterback is eager to mix it up downfield like Hurts has shone himself to be, but this is a guy who won over his team partly with his toughness so Tide fans shouldn't be surprised. Hurts continues to be fantastic for Alabama and as he continues to grow and get better the rest of college football should be be prepared for Alabama to remain a title contender for some time.