Jarran Reed establishing himself as a leader, force to be reckoned with for Seahawks


Alabama fans watched the draft and felt for Tide defensive tackle Jarran Reed. Reed sat and waited longer than any other player invited to the draft, waiting all the way into the second round before being picked. That wait may prove to have been a good thing for Reed however, as he finds himself apart of a contending Seattle Seahawks team known for defense.

Reed has made a fast strong impression on Seattle and coach Pete Carroll, who believes that Reed may find himself to be the starting nose tackle week one for the Seahawks.

"I've loved what we have seen from him," Carroll said. "As much as (offensive tackle and first-round pick) Germain (Ifedi) on the offensive side has set the tone for the young guys, the approach they are bringing, I think Jarran is doing the same thing on the other side.

"He was billed coming in as a terrific run defender; he is going to be that, the way I can see it, and that's just after a week of working with him. He has great technique. He is very, very solid. He was prepared very well at Alabama. All of that carries over for us. He is very good with his hands, he's got a real sense for the ball, but most of all he's really tough and he's physical and we love that part of him. So he has looked really good at the start."

It's looking like Tide fans are going to have a busy time keeping up with all of the former players that litter the NFL. That's pretty good spot to be in.