Jimbo Fisher on the sideline.
Photo by Ken Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Jimbo Fisher Accusing Miami of Simulating Snap Count Doesn't Look Good

After his team gave up nearly 50 points to Miami, Jimbo Fisher accused the 'Canes of simulating the snap count.

In case you missed it, the Miami Hurricanes slaughtered Texas A&M over the weekend, 48-33. After his team gave up nearly 50 points and 450 yards of offense, coach Jimbo Fisher shifted the blame from himself to the 'Canes, whom he accused of simulating A&M's snap counts.

"They clapped," Fisher told reporters. "They simulated our snap count. Our guys heard the clap and they snapped the ball. We had a play, a goal line play. What happened, the ball got snapped early because they simulated the snap count and clapped their hands and our center snapped the ball."

Simulating the snap count is a 15-yard penalty, or half the distance to the goal line in a two-point situation, according to Athlon Sports.

Below is the play in question that Fisher is talking about. It was on a two-point attempt in the third quarter. It may have sounded like a Miami player was simulating the snap count, but it seems pretty obvious the defensive back was simply clapping at the cornerback to get his attention.

The ball wasn't snapped on time, and the play became botched because of it.

Miami defensive coordinator Lance Guidry shot down these accusations, saying the odd timing of his player clapping at the corner is just a "part of football."

Even if Fisher believes Miami was doing this on purpose, why bring it up after a crushing loss so early in the season? Maybe he's feeling the pressure. His team is 1-1 to start the year, and he's only had one season with more than eight wins. Fans are already curious what his buyout is, because another mediocre season could mean the end of Fisher's run in College Station.

Instead of throwing accusations at opposing teams, maybe Fisher needs to look in the mirror more often.

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