Kirk Herbstreit goes off the rails in bashing "Blind Side" mom

"Blind Side" mom and huge Ole Miss fan Leigh Anne Tuohy was not happy with how her team was being portrayed by the ESPN telecast. She went so far as to call out Kirk Herbstreit and Chris Fowler on the greatest plane of existence —- Twitter. She was clearly not happy at all with how the two were making it seem like Alabama was just playing poorly and Ole Miss was getting lucky.

And instead of staying away from the issue or even answering politely, Kirk Herbstreit let the anger flow through him and responded to Tuohy after the game with his own flurry of tweets. It started out innocently enough with him agreeing with a fan of his #fair&balanced coverage.

And then went after a fan to try to defend himself.

But then went with the most obvious subtweet of all-time clearly aimed at Tuohy.

And he couldn't even take a compliment as he had to take another shot at the author.

Yikes. Herbstreit, you're usually a classier guy than this. I know it was a late night for you, but keep it calm and carry on before you embarrass yourself man. This comes on the heels of Michael Oher — the subject of the book and popular movie starring Sandra Bullock —- saying that the movie hurt his career. Just not a good look for Mrs. Tuohy and Mr. Herbstreit on this one.

[h/t Saturday Down South]