Lane Kiffin takes picture with a guy wearing a penis bead necklace in the French Quarter

Alabama is down in New Orleans preparing for a Sugar Bowl showdown with Ohio State, but that doesn't mean they can't have a little fun in the French Quarter before. One Alabama freshman was asked what his favorite part of New Orleans was and he answered "livin' it up on Bourbon Street."

It appears that it's not just the players enjoying their time in the Quarter, as Lane Kiffin was out and about last night — as one does in New Orleans. I have no criticisms for this, everyone that goes to New Orleans enjoys the nightlife, especially two nights before game day. However, Lane might want to refuse certain picture requests when they come from a guy wearing a bead necklace with a penis hanging from it.

kiffin penis beads

(image via Busted Coverage)

The tweet was deleted, but we'll always know. There are plenty of other images of Kiffin hanging out in New Orleans last night, too. They are not with people wearing a penis bead necklace, though.