Leonard Fournette is 'most motivated guy on the team' for LSU, but the Tide defense is ready

For LSU running back Leonard Fournette last year's game between LSU and Alabama was a turning point in his season. Fournette went into the game the top candidate for the Heisman trophy, he left the game with 31 yards and a touchdown in a 31-16 loss that saw his Heisman chances evaporate into the Tuscaloosa night.

So it stands to reason that in 2016 Fournette is pretty motivated to face Alabama.

"He's probably the most motivated guy on the team, to be honest with you," LSU interim head coach Ed Orgeron said according to 247sports. "... He has spoken to the team, will speak to the team again. His want-to to have success against Alabama is as high as any other player I've seen. And so is our team.

"Now, that doesn't mean that we're gonna have success, that doesn't translate to anything. I think the word execution comes to my mind. They're gonna be fired up, ready to go, but we need to execute. And we do respect that Alabama's coming in here, they will have great execution and this is gonna be a battle."

Fournette may be motivated, but the Crimson Tide defense is ready for him.

"Honestly, just dominating the line of scrimmage," defensive end Jonathan Allen said. "If you can dominate the line of scrimmage, you can stop almost every back. So as a defense we always plan on dominating and controlling the line of scrimmage."

"He's definitely different," Allen said. "He's going to come with it now, but so are we. Like I said, we're excited. We can't wait to get it going."

Fournette vs. the Alabama front seven round two should be fun to watch.