Little Caesar's mascot rings cowbell in Texas A&M receiver's face; Referee gets mad at himself

A two-fer of weird things from Starkville this afternoon.

Mississippi State is currently beating Texas A&M 28-10 at the half behind a great performance from Dak Prescott and some stingy defense.They also have something else on their side: a creepy Little Caesar's mascot.

The Aggies were unable to get a touchdown on their final possession of the first half, settling for a field goal instead. They ran a fade route that was unsuccessful over by the Little Caesar's dude. He was very excited.

Here is the Little Caesar's mascot shaking a cowbell and taunting Texas A&M's receiver after an incompletion on loop forever and ever.


little caesars

Never good to get taunted by a pizza mascot. CLANGA.

Also, on the first possession of the game, the head referee went to make a holding call. He got halfway through before realizing he was facing the wrong direction. He was very upset with himself.

This ref is a perfectionist and will not tolerate his own mental errors.

(GIF via SB Nation, Vine via @CorkGaines)