LSU to upgrade Tiger stadium over next couple years


Death Valley is set to undergo some improvements over the next couple years.

The stadium will see new restrooms, concession stands, and possibly the demolition of the south end dorms to provide more "open" space for fans, according to a report in The Advocate.

"Is there an opportunity to come back and demo the whole south dorms? It might happen this year, might happen next year,"  deputy director of athletics Eddie Nunez said. "One of those things we're looking at is trying to continue to make the experience for our fans (better). When they come in Tiger Stadium, that it's not a very confined space. We can open it up and make it more interesting."

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Workers have already begun cleaning out the south end zone dormitories, some of which are now empty ad could be used as future space for concessions and restrooms. Nunez said Wait times at concession stands and rest rooms are a hot button issues for fans, who've often voiced their frustrations to the school administrators in surveys.

Although a budget or concrete plans for the project are currently nonexistent, Nunez said construction is likely to begin before the year is out. Most of it, he said, will take place in two phases---the first after the 2016 season and the second after the 2017 season.