LSU's Connor Neighbors holds college football's best nickname

LSU has plenty of options at running back, but the man blocking for the Tigers likely won't change this year.

Connor Neighbors took over fullback duties midway through last season as a versatile player who can run, block and catch.

As told by David Ching of, the bearded senior uses the Bone Saw nickname, famously portrayed by "Macho Man" Randy Savage in the "Spider-Man" movie.

"If you see the scene, it's pretty intense," said Neighbors, LSU's senior fullback. "This guy's talking a lot of smack to Spider-Man and the people in the stands have got makeshift saws and they're [acting like they are sawing their forearms]."

"One day we were maxing out in the weight room and I was attempting 364 [pounds] on power cleans, so I did it and I dropped down and almost dropped the bar completely," Neighbors said. "But somehow I got my form back and I lifted it up and I [sawed my forearm], like the whole Bone Saw thing, and it just kind of stuck."

While Neighbors embraces the nickname, he wants fans to do the same.

"That'd be great," Neighbors said. "In the movie, the 'Macho Man' Randy Savage says, 'I've got you for three minutes. Three minutes of play time.' You've got to look it up. He's just talking smack the whole time. I guess people could just make signs or something, get the saws, I don't know."

Bone Saw and the Tigers take the field for the first time August 30 in Houston.