Tim Tebow does a phone celebration against LSU.
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Tim Tebow Describes Horrible Messages LSU Fans Sent Him That Led to Phone Celebration

Tim Tebow may have lost to LSU in 2007, but not before he did a phone celebration after LSU fans got a hold of his phone number.

Tim Tebow is the definition of what it means to be a college football legend. Tebow was a two-time national champion for the Florida Gators, a Heisman Trophy winner and a dual-threat player who was an ultimate competitor.

But one of the best things about Tebow is his character. Tebow is a man of faith, family and brotherhood, and he led his team by example and used his actions to back up his words. So when fans of the LSU Tigers got ahold of Tebow's phone number, it was surprising how vulgar the texts and calls he received were. 

Tebow recalled that time on the new Netflix docuseries "Swamp Kings."

Warning: This story contains mention of sexual violence.

Tim Tebow scrambles against LSU.

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"That week, someone put out my cell phone number to all of the student body at LSU. And when I say thousands, I mean thousands and thousands and thousands of calls and text messages," he said.

Tebow went on to describe what some of the text messages said.

"Your mom, Pamela, your sister Christy, your sister Katie, we're gonna burn 'em at the stake. We're gonna rape 'em." 

Tebow said he was angry and that "it was personal." 

Heading into their matchup with the LSU Tigers, the Florida Gators were fresh off their first loss of the 2007 season and entered Baton Rouge with a 4-1 record, ranked ninth in the nation, and had their season on the line going up against the No. 1 team in the country. 

After the first quarter saw both defenses shine and the Gators up 3-0, Tebow got his moment to respond to all those messages. About a minute into the second quarter, the Gators were on the 2-yard line and ready to take a two-possession lead. Tebow got the snap, rolled out to the left and, with defenders in his face, delivered a pass to Kestahn Moore to score the first touchdown of the game. The next thing that immediately followed the score was something uncharacteristic of Tebow but something he had every right to do.

"I've never really talked trash in my life," Tebow said. "But I walked right up to the student section, and I dial a phone, I put it ..."

*Tebow phones with his hand*

"Just ... keep talking." 

And here's the touchdown followed by the cell phone celebration:

Tiger Nation had poked the belly of the beast and he responded in a perfect way, by letting his play do the talking and letting his celebration shut them off. Unfortunately for Tebow and the Gators, a strong second half by the Tigers would give them the victory, and LSU would eventually go on to win the Bowl Championship Series national championship that season.

College football fans are passionate; but when you take that passion and fandom to an immoral level that consists of death threats or violence against a player or their family, that is when it becomes unacceptable. There is no joke and no excuse when it comes to these types of acts, and they do not belong in sports. We all want our team to win, so enjoy your wins and treat your losses with respect. 

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