What the NCAA has done to LSU is just plain wrong

Just last week, we brought you the story that LSU was hit with a recruiting sanction due to a student signing a financial aid agreement, then flipping schools.

Offensive tackle Matt Womack eventually flipped to Alabama, causing Les Miles' in-home visit to be a violation, according to The Advocate.

As fluid as the recruiting game is, with kids committing and decommitting by the week, this new rule provides a trap for schools that take advantage of unlimited visits after a commit signs a FAA.

One recruiting reporter believes LSU was used as a guinea pig for the violation, via The Advocate:

"I think the SEC and NCAA are using LSU as a guinea pig," said Michael Carvell, a recruiting reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "Somebody had to be first. Unfortunately for LSU, it's them."

As college programs move forward from this, the rule will continue to be scrutinized and schools will likely have the fear of following in LSU's footsteps in the back of their minds.