You won't believe how much these two Fournette insurance policies are worth

That's some serious insurance.

There are transcendent players in college football that come around every so often that spark the debate of sitting out a season to protect their health. While that precaution hasn't been taken by any player yet, there have been several who take out insurance policies against any potential injuries.

LSU's Leonard Fournette is one such player who has not one, but two insurance policies taken out for him in excess of $10 million! His mother and father both have a policy worth $10 million each and it's believed that he might be the most heavily insured collegiate athlete ever.

CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd described the deal for Fournette and what exactly the insurance policies are for:

Fournette needs to know it has become common practice for the game's best players to purchase disability insurance. The policies bought by his parents cover him for $10 million in total disability in the event of a career-ending injury and $10 million for circumstances that would lead to him falling from his projected NFL draft spot.

Hopefully Fournette will never have to cash in on the policies and can give another incredible season of doing running back things for LSU. That would naturally be ideal and then he would go in the first round of the NFL Draft and make his millions anyway.


[h/t CollegeSpun]