Meet Alabama's new 'Ferrari'

Reuben Foster has been a lot of things in his time in Tuscaloosa. Foster has gone from a bitterly fought over recruit to a heavy hitter to a key starter on Alabama's defense. Foster largely had become known as a player to be a vicious hitter, but he has worked hard to round out his game and get himself into the shape of an every down defensive player.

Foster lost weight in the offseason, added back muscle, got quicker, and worked hard to better understand the mentality of the game. Now, Foster says he's got an entirely new outlook on himself as a football player.

"Like testing a new automobile," he said. "I'm ready to drive a Ferrari." When asked what he feels like he was last year, Foster answered that he's gone from a Chevy Tahoe to a Ferrari.

It's a safe bet that Alabama fans are going to like driving a Ferrari much more than a Tahoe.