Luther Burden flop
Screenshot from SEC Network

Missouri WR Luther Burden Wins Flop of the Year vs Kansas State

Missouri Tigers wide receiver Luther Burden III had one of the worst flops you'll ever see after a punt against Kansas State.

Missouri wide receiver Luther Burden III already has a highlight touchdown catch in the Tigers game vs Kansas State today, but his flop on this play in the first half might be one of the bigger lowlights seen this Saturday.

Burden is a former five-star recruit and burgeoning young star on the Tigers offense. He already has 15 receptions for 213 yards and one touchdown this year.  While it may be early in the season, Burden's first half flail vs Kansas State could be the flop of the year.

The young speedster was obviously looking to draw a flag from the refs after some extra contact after the play. The only problem? There was not much contact to be found on this play, but Burden still decided to try it.

It might prove hard to find another play with less contact downfield today anywhere in college football, and Burden went down like he'd been hit by a sniper in the stands. The referees in Columbia were having none of it. Maybe he would have had better luck with an NBA officiating crew.

In Burden's defense, he was near enemy territory on the Kansas State sideline and was surrounded by four guys in white and purple jerseys on the field. He was technically pushed, if you can really call that a push.

If you're a Mizzou fan you have to give your guy props for trying, but one of the better young wideouts in the SEC doesn't fall down like a house of cards over a "hit" like that. He's young he'll learn, you have to wait for slightly harder blows to arrive to draw flags with a flop like that. Maybe next time. For now a true football flop of the year contender to watch and laugh on repeat.

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