COLUMBIA, MO - OCTOBER 07: LSU Tigers head coach Brian Kelly argues a call with an official in the first quarter of an SEC football game between the LSU Tigers and Missouri Tigers on Oct 7, 2023 at Memorial Stadium in Columbia, MO.
Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

LSU Fans Are Furious Over Blatant Missed False Start vs Missouri

LSU and Missouri are both ranked and locked in a classic SEC battle this Saturday, but the officials in Columbia are doing their best to insert themselves in the action. Referees in the booth had just taken the wind out of the sails of the LSU defense earlier, reversing an apparent fumble recovery and allowing Missouri to keep the ball in the red zone.

Several plays later, Missouri had taken the football to the two yard line and faced first and goal to retake the lead. Mizzou guard Xavier Delgado looked to jump early and multiple LSU defenders pointed and yelled at the officials to call false start. Their calls fell on deaf ears as the refs somehow allowed play to continue unabated. 

Missouri running back Cody Schrader waltzed two yards into the end zone as the LSU defense was still stunned by the no call and arguments broke out amongst themselves on the field over the blown play. The defense ran off the field shell shocked thinking they had forced a turnover moments earlier, only to allow a referee-aided touchdown.

 LSU head coach Brian Kelly went absolutely ballistic on the sidelines as well, and the quick-to-anger coach had a pretty good case on this call. The home crowd at Faurot Field didn't see anything wrong with the officiating though. The Tigers took a 32-27 lead on the play, and none of Kelly's hysterics would convince the officials to take to points off the board.

Several shaky calls have affected the game as is the case in most all college football games, but LSU fans will understandably feel they've received the short end of the officiating stick so far today. They'll be cursing the SEC officials for a while longer as their offense shot themselves in the foot with penalties on the ensuing drive and missed a field goal. 

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