NCAA investigation into Ole Miss heats up, Auburn and MSU players reportedly involved

Looks like Ole Miss could be in a lot of trouble.

It looks like the NCAA investigation into Ole Miss is far from over.

According to Pat Forde of Yahoo!, the NCAA has interviewed players that at currently with Auburn and Mississippi State as part of the investigation. Those players were reportedly granted immunity, as the NCAA is hoping to gain knowledge of Ole Miss's recruiting tactics.

NCAA Enforcement representatives have visited Auburn and Mississippi State, and perhaps at least one more SEC Western Division school, this summer to speak with players who were recruited by Ole Miss. The players were granted immunity from potential NCAA sanctions in exchange for truthful accounts of their recruitment, sources said.

This investigation has been going on for a long time, but it really heated up after the arrest of offensive lineman Laremy Tunsil. Tunsil was arrested for an altercation with his stepfather, and it was leaked later that Tunsil may have been receiving impermissible benefits.

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Tunsil was never charged for the domestic incident, but Tunsil's other activities piqued more interest from the NCAA. Those activities led to some of the 28 total violations that Ole Miss was charged with in January, but it didn't stop there; as the NCAA was wrapping up the investigation, more from Tunsil came out, as his social media accounts were hacked during the NFL Draft. These hacks showed that Tunsil was allegedly asking his coaches for money, and that he had regular deals in place for things to be paid off.

Yahoo! notes that while the investigation is ongoing, it will likely extend into next year. Of course, it will definitely serve as a giant distraction for Ole Miss throughout the season, as the end result of the investigation could lead severe violations for the school and lost jobs for the coaches.