Nick Saban gets into it over questions regarding it 'being ok to lose'

Nick Saban is tired of your "what if?" scenerios. Nick Saban is tired of talking about losing. That was the message that Saban gave off loud and clear to reporters on Monday when he was asked a question about his team's intensity going into the SEC Championship game considering the likelihood that if they win they would still be in the playoff.

In some way this will surely be once again painted as a "Nick Saban rant", but this one is on the media. Why on earth are you even thinking that Saban would be ok with any suggestion that it would be ok to lose? Nick Saban is the Alabama football coach and the Alabama football coach is suppose to win games, to win championships, and that is what Nick Saban is focused on doing. He is not therefore, focused on losing.

You can watch his response below.