Ole Miss fans celebrate, tear down goal posts; Katy Perry chugs beer, jumps into crowd

Ole Miss stunned Alabama with a 23-17 victory over the Tide on Saturday afternoon. Ole Miss fans certainly know how to party so it's no surprise that Oxford was rocking in celebration after the victory.

Katy Perry was out in Oxford after the win and was chugging beer and then crowd surfing, because when in Rome...


Before that, the party started in the stadium as fans stormed the field, including one that took a selfie with local hero Dr. Bo Wallace:

Then, they hoisted Dr. Bo on their shoulders as any hero should be treated:

This dude took his shirt off as one does when his team upsets Alabama:


The goal posts were quickly taken down and paraded out of the stadium:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJFQdzUxDyQ&w=853&h=480%5D

First through the Grove:

And eventually into the square:

UPDATE: Some Ole Miss bros got the goalposts back to their house, because why not:

And then all of the alcohol was consumed in Oxford. All of it.