Fan on SEC Nation trolls Paul Finebaum, who takes the joke in stride Clippit/Screenshot

Harvey Updyke is a name that will go down in infamy when discussing college football rivalries, specifically the rivalry between Auburn and Alabama.

Updyke, an Alabama fan, is infamous for poisoning the Auburn University oak trees at Toomer’s Corner. It was an act of college football passion gone wrong, and it led to Updyke spending time in jail followed up by a lengthy probationary period.

Ironically, Updyke was arrested because he gloated about the deed on Paul Finebaum’s radio show, calling in as “Al from Dadeville” and confessing that he poured herbicide on the oak trees after Auburn beat Alabama in the 2010 season. Updyke signed off his call by saying “Roll Damn Tide”, and the whole experience apparently made a big enough impact on Finebaum that the current ESPN personality visited the ‘Bama fan in jail for a private conversation.

Sadly, that radio call tired Updyke to Finebaum, and years later, the SEC pundit is still hearing about it.

Here’s a sign from the most recent edition of SEC Nation, which is at the Auburn and Georgia game this week:

For the visually impaired, the sign claims that Harvey Updyke didn’t just poison the trees at Toomer’s Corner, but he actually poisoned Finebaum’s hairline as well — which may be the reason it is receding.

Of course, Finebaum is the one who actually put that sign out to the public on Twitter, so it’s good to see him taking his lack of hair in stride.

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