Raekwon Davis is a first of his kind for Saban's Tide


Alabama coach Nick Saban has landed too many star recruits to count and Alabama under Saban has churned out more NFL defensive talent than most of their college football counterparts. The fact that Saban has been so successful at recruiting is what makes Tide freshman defensive tackle Raekwon Davis so special. There hasn't been a player quite like Davis in Saban's tenure at Alabama.

At 6-7, 325 pounds, Davis is the tallest DT in the last ten seasons at Alabama and he has the size and build you would be more likely to find on an offensive tackle. "He's humongous, he's like 6-8," senior defensive end Jonathan Allen said. "He's huge. Easily the biggest defensive lineman I've played with."

Observe the raw power,

Davis isn't a finished product and has some work to do, but his potential is enormous. His strength and size make him a load to handle and once he improves on his technical skills Davis many turn into the best DT that Bama has seen under Nick Saban.