Ryan Anderson explains what it means to be 'hateful', explains 'We want to kill you'

After Alabama's win over LSU Bama coach Nick Saban described his defense as 'hateful' which was a term that caught the attention of just about everybody. Saban meant it in a positive way of course, unless you are lined up against that defense, and Monday Tide star defender Ryan Anderson explained what it means to be 'hateful'.

"It's what defenders do," Alabama outside linebacker Ryan Anderson said without batting an eye. "Mostly, we are hateful guys. We hate everybody on the other team and everybody lined up across from us. We want to try to kill you."

"You've got to play within the game," Anderson said. "You know if you hit somebody, you hit them. We aren't going to be passing up no shots on anybody, but we aren't going to take no dirty shots either."

LSU joined the list of teams killed by the Alabama defense this year, Mississippi State is next.