Saban credits Belichick with teaching him 'the process'

Nick Saban loves to talk about "the process". He loves to talk about it so much "the process" is an unofficial slogan of Nick Saban's Alabama teams, every fan knows "the process" and lives it along with the Crimson Tide. Recently Nick Saban explained just how he developed his commitment to the process from his former boss, Bill Belichick.

"People have to be willing to improve even when things are going well," Saban said. "You talk about process and doing things a certain way. Bill Belichick has a great process. He certainly helped me a lot as a coach. Everybody says the best draft pick of all-time is Tom Brady in the sixth round. Everybody says it's the best thing that's ever happened. You know what Belichick says? How'd we mess it up so bad? How did we get such a good player and not take him until the sixth round? The fourth round guy didn't even make the team. The fifth round didn't make the team. So what happened to our process? What happened to how we do things around here?

"That's how he thinks. That's how I think, because that's how he got me to think when I spent 20 hours a day with him for four years."


Saban's process seems to be working just fine in Tuscaloosa, hopefully it always will.