Saban details toughest part of this LSU matchup

LSU game prep officially begun Monday for Alabama and Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban has much to think about as his team gets set for their annual slugfest with the Tigers. During his Monday press conference Saban spoke about getting ready for LSU and he dove into what it is about this year's LSU team that has him most worried heading into Saturday's matchup.

"They have some really outstanding players on both sides of the ball. Leonard Fournette is probably one of the most dynamic running backs that has played college football for a while. He is playing extremely well right now, and when guys come in form, there is not a lot of drop off."

"This is probably the most athletic, talented secondary that we have had to play against all year long. They have really good specialists on special team - good returners; good kickers; good punter - and they have good team speed, so they are always really good on special teams, so this is a really outstanding team and it's a great challenge for our team. We are anxious to go back to work today and get back at it with our players."


LSU at night in Baton Rouge is always a knock down drag out fight for Alabama. With all the turmoil surrounding LSU this season it appeared that this game would lose some of its luster, but a resurgent LSU may prove to be Alabama's greatest challenge yet.