Saban details two areas Tide need to improve

Alabama has been rolling through the season and is on the cusp of returning to the SEC Championship and the Playoff. Tide coach Nick Saban is never satisfied however and discussed two areas of Alabama's play that he feels have to be addressed.

Saban cited kickoff coverage and kick returns as areas where Alabama needs to improve to be a complete team. "Kickoff coverage and kickoff return are two areas that we need to do a little better job in," Saban said according to

It may feel like Saban is nitpicking, but the numbers back him up.  Alabama is averaging just 20.28 yards per kick return which ranks just 78th nationally and Alabama is 80th nationally in kick coverage, allowing an average of 21.71 yards per kick return.

Special teams may not determine who wins an average football game, but all Tide fans have to do is think back to last year's national championship to remember what a difference special teams can make. Alabama will surely be working hard to improve those numbers on special teams ahead of the looming postseason.