Saban details what bothered him from win over Ole Miss

Shortly after Alabama sealed the 48-43 victory over Ole Miss all coach Nick Saban wanted to focus on was getting out of Oxford with the win. Saban was positive and encouraging, choosing to focus on what his team did well. Tuesday was a different story as the Tide came back to practice after taking Monday off. Saban detailed just what about the Tide 48-43 he is hoping to see his team improve on.

"But when you look at things, the devil is kind of in the details," Saban said. "We could have really lost the game based on mental mistakes, mental errors, lack of execution at times that led to really bad plays for our team."

On the onside kick:

"If you block the guys right, we still have a chance to recover the ball because they don't penetrate to the ball," Saban said. "They twisted and 17 came around and nobody blocked him. We didn't block the right guys and that gave them a chance. These are all the things that I'm talking about in terms of not executing the details of what you need to do, which gives the other team opportunities to beat you and make plays."

On the long touchdown after the onside kick:

"It's a little frustrating," Saban said. "But we have to work with the guys and use these things as learning experiences so that we can grow and get better.

Bo Scarbrough fumbling in the fourth quarter:

"That's another thing, attention to detail," Saban said. "We're in four-minute, we're taking the air out of it and we fumble the ball."

Penalties, attention to detail, and sloppy play have plagued Alabama through three weeks but Alabama has managed to play through it. With Kent St. and Kentucky coming up Alabama will be looking to iron these details out.