Saban explains how gets through to his players, how he leaves them speechless

Alabama head coach is Nick Saban is a great coach, there is little denying that, but something that can go underappreciated when talking about Saban's greatness is his astounding ability to connect with his players. Every coach has the odd player or two every year that wants to leave or that doesn't get along with the coach and Saban is no different. Yet when it comes to Saban the vast majority of his players profess nothing but love for their coach.

Saban let slip during his radio show Thursday one of the techniques he uses to relate to his players. Saban told listeners that he doesn't try to relate to them in terms of what's best for the team, or the coach, but truly calls them out on what they need to do to be better for themselves and it has an amazing effect.

"I had a player in the other day, and I was upset with the way he was practicing, and I showed him a couple clips, didn't think he was giving the effort he needed. I wanted to say 'You're letting your team down,' but I didn't say that to him. I said, 'Let's take everybody out of this. You tell me you want to play in the NFL one day. So let's make a totally selfish decision about what you're doing here. You are cheating yourself. How is what you're doing right here help get where you want to go?' The guy was speechless. He could relate to that. He couldn't even relate to, 'You're letting your team down.'"

As long as Nick Saban is a coach, guys are going to be lining up to play for him.