Saban has high praise for his team after win over Vols

Nick Saban hasn't been the happiest camper so far this season, even if Alabama had played its way to an undefeated season heading into their matchup with Tennessee. Many in the media suggested that Tennessee would be Alabama's biggest test yet this season, but the Tide steamrolled the Vols 49-10 and afterwards Saban had some very good things to say about his team.

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  • I was really proud of our players today. We said we wanted a complete game today, and they certainly did that.
  • We wanted to make sure the other team never gained any momentum and had to play 60 minutes in the game. We obviously did that.
  • I think the defense played outstanding, but our ability to run the ball took a lot of time off the clock and kept them off the field. I think our guys just did a really, really good job.
  • We had a lot of guys do a really good job today, and I'm really proud of them.
  • The fact that we scored two non-offensive touchdowns again today is really something special about this team. Hopefully we can keep them coming. We just have to keep on working and taking it one game at a time.
  • Tennessee has a really good team. I thought this would be a difficult game for us. Our players certainly did a good job.

Alabama finally played a full four quarter game and dominated from start to finish producing one of the biggest blowouts in the history of the Alabama-Tennessee rivalry and if Nick Saban is happy in Tuscaloosa, then everyone can be happy in Tuscaloosa, at least for a day.