Saban on running Hurts 'I don't worry about guys getting hurt'

One of Jalen Hurts greatest assets are his legs. Hurts' ability to run the football is a major part of what makes him so dangerous running the the Tide offense, but with Hurts' primary backup Blake Barnett no longer with the program so might think Nick Saban would be worried about risking Hurts by letting him run. Saban put that to rest pretty bluntly,

"We certainly don't want to do anything to get our quarterback injured, but I think his skill set is what it is," Saban said Wednesday. "We have to use the things that he can do effectively in our offense. We continue to try to make improvements in the passing game."

"I don't think we can totally inhibit him [Hurts] from making plays with his feet," Saban said. "If he gets injured doing it, it will be my fault. If he gets injured sitting in the pocket to throw a pass, then it's okay. It's football. I don't worry about guys getting hurt."

You can't play not to get hurt and not to lose. Alabama has to let Hurts do what makes him so special and talented enough to start as a freshmen without worrying about him getting hurt. Saban and company look ready to do just that and to trust the process.