Saban speaks on Barnett transfer 'guy who puts the team first are the guys we are concerned about'

As you have probably heard by now it appears that Alabama redshirt freshman quarterback Blake Barnett will be seeking to transfer from the University of Alabama. While his ultimate decision shouldn't come as a shock considering he was beat out for the starting position by a freshman, the timing seems a bit odd. Alabama is only four weeks into the season and anything could still happen, but it appears Barnett is already on the move.

During his post-practice press conference Alabama coach Nick Saban addressed the transfer rumor, neither confirming nor denying it, and spoke his mind about Barnett's potential decision.

Saban has refused to confirm transfers in the past until they were official and in some cases has changed players minds, but one Saban quote from his press conference made it seem that he may be more at peace with Barnett leaving than you might imagine.

No one is saying that Barnett is doing the wrong thing in trying to find a place to be a starter, but leaving mid-season shows that Barnett doesn't care about his team. Instead of riding out the season, helping the Tide however possible, and being ready in case of injury or otherwise, Barnett is taking his ball and going home.  Perhaps another reason that Jalen Hurts won the starting job.